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Make a Splash With These Bathroom Wall Ideas

From classic to cutesy, different choices for different moods.
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Vinyl Wallpaper

This substitute for rubber was first introduced in the 1930s. Coated and durable, it has been used in homes since the 1950s—especially, in bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl is suited for decorating surfaces, like walls as wallpapers. Today, this retro choice has been refreshed for the fashionable home with patterns that could be seen in design publications. Even Gucci is selling some. Florals can be feminine and masculine. Or, choose bright, wide stripes to create a cabana-like aesthetic.

Katie Kime’s self-sticking toile is themed for New York, featuring line drawings of the city’s most iconic scenes—from the Statue of Liberty to the subway. The most humorous one is, perhaps, a pigeon with a bagel and a bodega coffee.

Interior Paint

Interior paints are designed to be cleaned, so they should be resilient enough for the bathroom. For extra protection from splashing, choose a gloss or semi-gloss. Remember: The bathroom isn’t the place to use shades of white. Rather, think metallics (like gold and platinum) and shades of blue and green (like robin egg). Light-filled bathrooms can be bathed in pale yellow.

This statement-making half-bathroom is sure to be enchanting to guests. BEHR’s Chimney is a dark, shadowy shade of gray. The gold fixtures contribute to its dramatic sense of luxe.


The word “tile” comes from the French tuile, which comes from the Latin tegula—and it is, basically, synonymous with bathrooms, since it can be installed in the bath and shower areas. Tiles are constructed from ceramics (like porcelain) as well as materials like stone (like marble) to create one- or multi-colored designs. Subway tile continues to be a classic choice. Styles from the 1900s to the 1950s have returned with trends around sustainable design. These are, usually, decorative and glossy. Mosaic tile can be reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

There’s an artisan-like richness to these tiles. The alternating patterns and painted colors add interest to these charming, sweet walls.


Consider beadboard in classic homes, like Colonials and farmhouses. Beadboard features grooves (or, “beads”) between long, wood panels. Dating to the 1600s, it was brought to America by English settlers—and it continues, aesthetically, to harken back to this time. Today, it can be purchased in pieces that have to be installed or in sheets (where the lines have been etched). 

The beadboard in this oasis-like bathroom accents the shades of blue. Its simplicity adds anchoring and polish to this decorated space.


Invented in the 1970s, tile board is created from wood fibers to resemble tile, which can be expensive. It is purchased in sheets, featuring embossed lines that resemble grouting. Tile board is coated in plastic, which makes it water-resistant—but not waterproof. It is available in basic colors and styles from brands like DPI (Decorative Panel International). 

This honeycomb-patterned choice is, at once, classic and modern. Dark lines contribute to the monochrome scheme, creating interest on the white surface.


Marble has been considered valuable since ancient Greece and Rome, when it was used in architecture, sculpture, and more. Today, most of this coveted material is sourced from China, India, Italy, and Spain. In bathrooms, it can be used like tile, both inside and outside of the bath and shower areas. (Though, it should be reconsidered on floors because of its slipperiness.) It is sleek and sumptuous in texture: the ultimate choice for master bathrooms. 

This marble-tiled bathroom is luxurious. The brass fixtures contribute to this sense of sophistication—and the shower, which is enclosed in glass, enhances and furthers the expensive stone’s effect.

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